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Our goal is to unite all the professional land surveying throughout the State of North Dakota and elevate the standards of the surveying profession.

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How is the NDSPLS- Foundation structured?

The NDSPLS – Foundation Board of Trustees is made up of a total of nine individuals.   Five of these individuals are appointed based on their position within the NDSPLS Board of Directors, they are:  NDSPLS Past-President, NDSPLS President, NDSPLS President-Elect, NDSPLS Vice-President and NDSPLS Treasurer.  Three of the NDSPLS – Foundation Board of Trustees members are elected by the NDSPLS General Membership.  The final individual to serve on the NDSPLS – Foundation Board of Trustees is the EAP chairman who is appointed by the current NDSPLS President.  In essence the General Membership will determine eight of the nine individuals to serve on the Foundation Board of Trustees.

What are the membership classes?
  1. Regular Member – an annual contributor to the Foundation of $100
  2. Sustaining Member – an annual contributor to the Foundation of $500
  3. Lifetime Member – a contributor to the Foundation of $5,000 in a lump sum or in a five-year period.
  4. Corporate Member – a business entity contributor to the Foundation of $5,000
  5. Charter Member – a contributor to the Foundation of $100 or more prior to May 1, 2017.
What are the benefits of becoming an NDSPLS – Foundation member?

Becoming an NDSPLS – Foundation Member is a way for you to make annual tax deductible contributions to the Foundation, similar to making annual donations to other organizations like the United Way, the Boy Scouts of America, or even your local church.