NDSPLS Foundation

The NDSPLS – Foundation was set up as a way to provide individuals with a mechanism to make a donation to NDSPLS AND for that individual to gain the tax benefits of those donations.  While the NDSPLS is a “not for profit” organization, it is NOT a charity.  The NDSPLS – Foundation IS classified as a charity. 

According to the NDSPLS – Foundation Bylaws, “The purpose of this nonprofit corporation is to promote educational, scientific and charitable activities in the fields of Land Surveying, Mapping and Land Information Sciences, including the making of distributions to organizations exempt from federal taxation under section 501(c)(3). Tax ID #81-2214099

How is the NDSPLS- Foundation structured?

The NDSPLS – Foundation Board of Trustees is made up of a total of nine individuals.   Five of these individuals are appointed based on their position within the NDSPLS Board of Directors, they are:  NDSPLS Past-President, NDSPLS President, NDSPLS President-Elect, NDSPLS Vice-President and NDSPLS Treasurer.  Three of the NDSPLS – Foundation Board of Trustees members are elected by the NDSPLS General Membership.  The final individual to serve on the NDSPLS – Foundation Board of Trustees is the EAP chairman who is appointed by the current NDSPLS President.  In essence the General Membership will determine eight of the nine individuals to serve on the Foundation Board of Trustees.

What are the membership classes?
  1. Regular Member – an annual contributor to the Foundation of $100
  2. Sustaining Member – an annual contributor to the Foundation of $500
  3. Lifetime Member – a contributor to the Foundation of $5,000 in a lump sum or in a five-year period.
  4. Corporate Member – a business entity contributor to the Foundation of $5,000
  5. Charter Member – a contributor to the Foundation of $100 or more prior to May 1, 2017.
What are the benefits of becoming an NDSPLS – Foundation member?
Becoming an NDSPLS – Foundation Member is a way for you to make annual tax deductible contributions to the Foundation, similar to making annual donations to other organizations like the United Way, the Boy Scouts of America, or even your local church.
What are the additional benefits of becoming a “Charter Member”?
Becoming an NDSPLS – Foundation “Charter Member” shows that you thought the Foundation was a worthwhile endeavor, that you support the ideas, purposes and goals of the Foundation, and that you were among the first to voice this support by becoming a “Charter Member” This is similar to being a “Charter Member” in the NDSPLS.
How will the Money be used? Is it all for EAP?
It is anticipated that the NDSPLS – Foundation will receive money from various sources such as Annual Memberships, and Donations / Contributions. These monies are available for the NDSPLS – Foundation Board of Directors to spend as they see fit as long as it falls within the guidelines of both the Foundation Bylaws and the Foundation Charter. Monies received from the Annual Scholarship Auction will be earmarked strictly for EAP Student Awards. When you make a Donation / Contribution you can specify all, or any portion, only be spent on any one of the six categories spelled out in the NDSPLS – Foundation Bylaws.
If I donate money, can I get a tax write-off? How about for an item donated for the Auction?
You will need to verify with your accountant, however, if you donate money or become one of the Membership classes of the NDSPLS – Foundation your contribution may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. If you donate an item to the annual Scholarship Auction the value of that item may be tax deductible, again the same as any other charity. Be sure to consult with your tax advisor.
If I buy a donated item in the auction, can I write-off the amount I paid?
The difference in the value of the item and the amount that it was purchased for may be tax deductible, the same as any other charity.

The EAP will continue to operate in a similar capacity as it always has: by generating funds through our annual scholarship auction and gun raffle, evaluating the worthiness of scholarship applicants, and assigning the amount of the awards. The EAP Chairman will continue to be selected by the NDSPLS president and will continue to report to the President and the NDSPLS Board of Directors. The EAP chairman will now also report to the NDSPLS – Foundation Board of Trustees as well as having a vote on the Foundation board. The primary advantage of the Foundation is that your contribution is now tax deductible. EAP stands for Education Assistance Program and the EAP Committee was created to provide financial assistance to Land Surveying students. This will not change. The EAP Committee will continue to receive, evaluate and award monies to what they have determined to be deserving students on behalf of NDSPLS.

If anyone has additional questions concerning the Foundation or if you want clarification on any part of the Foundation purpose/functions, please contact any NDSPLS – Foundation Board of Trustees member.

Thank you for your time and consideration.